This is your monthly subscription and includes all of your Couch to Marathon training and support!


Couch to Marathon Personalised Team Training Vest or T-shirt

Couch to Marathon Personalised Team Race Day Vest

Your personalized Couch to Marathon training plan.

  • Your training plan starts quite literally from the sofa, we help you through building up your fitness in manageable steps to ensure that you are not injured, that you do not feel intimidated by the challenge and, most importantly, that you enjoy it! This means that we begin with walking and mobility exercises, learning to stretch.
  • Your plan will be delivered online to you each week, it will be tailored to suit your current ability, and your work and family commitments.

Interactive Online Training Plan 

  • Delivered through the App, log in and record your progress every day and have it monitored by your coach.
  • Sessions updated based on your progress.

Nutrition guidance

  • You are not on a diet! 
  • We help you to make healthy food choices and to learn the best foods to eat to support your training.
  • Help on healthy but delicious meal swaps and easy to follow recipes to ditch the fast and processed foods.

Access to the EXCLUSIVE Couch to Marathon team support page 

  • Keep in touch, post progress photos, and to help each other through it. 

UNLIMITED access to the Stream Fitness

  • Live Streamed classes
  • Classes include Yoga and Pilates, Barre Fitness, Cardio and HIIT to help you keep strong and to help you relax!

Couch to Marathon Team

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