Worried about your swim training during lockdown? Try our 30minute swimbands session. This purchase gives you access to one recording of Swimbands LIVE.


Your class video shows the instructor only...for live sessions you have the option to see the other class members too, so we all work hard as a team! It's much more fun than following a recording.


If you love this....

Then sign up to our monthly membership, swimband training is every Saturday morning at 8am.


Membership also includes unlimited access to Yoga, Pilates, Strength and more! The total package for your strength & conditioning in one easy package. If you miss the live classes, you can find the recordings on the app.


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30 minute Swimbands workout

  • This recording is strictly for Stream Fitness Customers Only. You must only do this exercise routine if you are in good health, with no injuries. If you are concerned that you might be injured then you must consult a doctor prior to commencing this class. Any questions then do not start the video and email admin@streamfitness.co.uk

  • After purchasing this product, you are licensed to use the recording for your own personal use. You are not permitted to share this recording or display it publicly without prior permission. Permission can be requested from admin@streamfitness.co.uk


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