A full day of massage donated for Charity!

I had a fabulous day yesterday meeting the team at Branston Adams, the generous winners of the Eagle Radio auction, raising money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Foundation.

The Mummy Maintenance Project had donated a full day of massage for the winners. 8 Full Back Massages later and there were lots of very relaxed and very happy Accountants!

Office massage is available to all local firms, price on request, depending on the type and length of massage you would like to offer to your staff. Branston Adams had a fantastic venue, with a very private meeting room where the massage couch could be set up. This meant that all staff could have the full MMP Back Massage, with oil. Don't worry if there's nowhere in your office that's completely private, we can offer Indian Head Massage too - which is renowned for improving concentration and productivity!

We hope to return to Branston Adams and look forward to donating our services to next years' Charity Auction.