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Step 1 - Sign Up!

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Step 2- Log In

Once you have logged in, you will be asked to complete a form which let's us know whether you have any injuries or illnesses that we need to be extra careful with when you're in class.  This will only be required on your first log in, after that, your instructors will always do a 'verbal screening' at the start of each class to ensure that you have no new injuries, illnesses or anything else that might need attention.

Step 3 - View Calendar

To view the classes available to you, click on the Calendar Tab. You will need to make sure you choose 'Company Calendar' to be able to register for a class.

Once you have registered, the classes you have committed to will show up in your calendar, so it's easy to see what you have got coming up!

Step 4 - Access LIVE Classes

Get your kit on and come back to the App 5 or 10 minutes before your class begins. Go to your calendar and click on the class you are about to join. Click to Open The Stream and you're all set!

Make sure your camera is on, so you can be an active member of the class and benefit from the instructor feedback!

Step 5 - View Recordings

If you can't make your favourite class then you have access to recorded classes.  We encourage you, however, to always try to attend the LIVE classes, as you will get more benefit from the feedback and other members working out with you!

Step 6 - Class Updates and Important Announcements

Any updates, announcements and new recordings will be notified to you through the 'Chat' function on your app, please check your notifications regularly!

Please also follow our Facebook page, this is where we notify potential class timetable updates, for example; members are asked which times suit them best when the lockdown rules change, so we can all work together to find a timetable that works for YOU. 

You can also see what the other members are up to here, and you are encouraged to share your photos!!

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